Historic City of Snohomish WA

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Located in Snohomish County the bustling historic City of Snohomish Washington is nestled in the Snohomish River Valley. The city’s rich history that dates back to the 1850s has landed the City of Snohomish on the state and national registers of historic places. This recognition along with the city being home to over 300 antique dealers has contributed to the historic City of Snohomish being considered by many as Washington’s antique capital. The historic appeal, easy accessibility to amenities and close proximity to other cities are just some of the reasons that over 9000 residents have made the historic City of Snohomish Washington home. Residents enjoy quick commute times of 12 minutes to Monroe, 15 minutes to Everett, 20 minutes to Woodinville and 42 minutes to Seattle. Homebuyers won’t be disappointed by the many home styles to choose from and the wide range of prices that fit every budget.

Homes under $150,000; Snohomish homes from $150,000 to $200,000; Snohomish homes from $200,000 to $250,000; Snohomish homes from $250,000 to $300,000; Snohomish homes from $300,000 to $400,000; Snohomish homes over $400,000

Snohomish HistoryHistory of the City of Snohomish

The ideal location along the Snohomish River gave rise to the city’s commercial and transportation industries. The City of Snohomish rapidly grew and prospered as sawmills and agricultural processing plants began and maintained operations within the city. Today, the city’s history is reflected in many of the buildings and homes that remain from the 1850s.

Snohomish School District

The City of Snohomish School District serves students attending grades K through 12 with approximately 9,800 students currently enrolled. The historic city is home to three high schools, two middle schools, 10 elementary schools and a preschool. The district also offers an alternative learning program and a program for home schooling.

Parks and Facilities  KlaHaYa1

With several parks and facilities the historic City of Snohomish offers great outdoor experiences for residents and visitors to choose from. Whether strolling or running, visitors can enjoy the 30 miles of paved Centennial Trail that runs from Snohomish to Skagit County.  Many of the city parks offer visitors playing fields, play structures, picnic areas, and walking areas. For avid fishers, fishing is just a boat launch away at Hill Park and Cady Park. Kla-Ha-Ya Park located in the town center offers visitors a quiet trail along the river to stroll at leisure.

Local Shopping and Events

The historic City of Snohomish is an antique shopper’s paradise but also offers many other shopping amenities to residents and visitors. The city provides easy access for residents and visitors to a wide range of dining establishments, clothing, food stores and many other small businesses that offer a wide range of services. This vibrant and fun city has many great events planned throughout the year including the Kla-Ha-Ya Carnival in the spring, barbeques, plant sales and a farmers market to name a few.

The historic City of Snohomish offers all who visit and live there a great location with lots of charm, and fun activities. Everyone from the avid shopper to the outdoor enthusiast will find that the City of Snohomish is a great place to live. For more information about the City of Snohomish visit the informational links below.

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